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Vizitka Štubljar

Curriculum Vitae
 Milan Štubljar

 Meter Data Management
 Testing, performance evaluation and optimisation of computer systems
 Programing, automation
 Web programming
 Consulting, project management, analysis

Current and Past Experience
 Gisdata d.o.o., Ljubljana
 Hermes SoftLab, d.d. / ComTrade d.o.o.

Pro Bono Projects
 Web Pages:
  Winemaking Society of Semič
  Chess Club Medija
  Štubljar Winery
  15th graduation aniversary, year of 74'-75' Gymnasium Črnomelj
  Kids Winter Skying Krvavec 2013 - Kamnik
  Kids Winter Skying Krvavec 2014 - Kamnik
  Kids Winter Skying Krvavec 2015 - Kamnik

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